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Andrew Crace
Garden Friends Made of aluminium that will not rust and painted by hand. Hen, Cat, Fox, Owl, Pheasant, Rabbit, etc.
Wooden Keyrings Home and garden keyrings made of hardwood. Available in 75 locations - barn, shed, stable, etc.
Herb, Sentimental and Office Stone Labels Made from natural stone 9 - 12 cms long
Humorous and Functional Signs Made of hardwood, panited white with green lettering.
Stone Pots Made from natural boulder stone. All pots have a drainage hole.
Doorstops Hand carved from hardwood and finished with brown polish. Available in 2 sizes.
Candle Lanterns Made of iron with rust-resistant paint. A candle can be placed inside.
Teak Hanging Baskets 4" - 12" Known as traditional orchid baskets, and can also be lined and planted with summer plants.